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Cruise ship

Floating worlds – special requirements, from look to workmanship to durability. This has been a pet project of stinova for many years.


Attractive and clean – the world of practices today means more than pure functional spaces. Naturally, we can meet all requirements: from the haptically perfect reception area to the hygienic room.


A special focus of our company.
Find out more about projects in the following areas:


Shopfitting today is a wide field with limitless possibilities: our production capabilities ensure not only consistent quality in serial production, but can also create exquisite individual pieces.


At home in the world – creating atmosphere, realizing themes, designing in detail. We are in close contact with the experience worlds of gastronomy and hospitality.


It has to fit – anyone who designs with stinova residential worlds wants everything to be right: from the material to the detail of the processing. From veneer to textile finish, all delivered from a single source.

Seating furniture

All our expertise is at your disposal for all projects relating to seating furniture.

Special areas

Challenges – stinova doesn’t understand the meaning of “impossible”. We love special tasks, special challenges, unique projects. Planners and designers value that in us.