Achern heute

What’s in three months?

So far, the small, medium-sized company Stinova from Achern, Germany has actually come through the corona crisis very well. Flexibility is required. Nevertheless, a lot is currently uncalculable.

How do you steer a small, medium-sized company through the corona crisis? The Achern company Stinova, for example, is currently working without short-time work. The property decorator has enough orders and is adapting to the current needs of his customers. However, the question remains whether potential clients want to and will continue to invest in the future.

The team of managing directors Sabine Stinus-Sandhacker and Jörg Sandhacker has around 35 employees. Their corporate strategy of not focusing on just one area could prove to be successful right now in the corona crisis. It is difficult to predict what will happen next.

“We cannot say what will be in three months,” say the two managing directors. So far you have been able to do without short-time work, and layoffs are no longer an issue in the current situation…